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Oooh.... I have so many quotes to share. But as a semi-continuation to my previous post on confidence, I've decided to share one I heard from a show.

Earlier this year, the second season of 《我是歌手》 or "I am a Singer" was broadcasted with one of my favorite singers G.E.M. Being such a small cute woman, it's seriously amazing how she can possess such a beautiful strong voice. Hats off to her. Every time. 

Anyway, back on topic. In the second episode of season 2, her "manager" asked her if she was nervous at all right before she stepped on stage. Instead of nodding nervously, like most people would, she simply brushed it off with a smile and said, "感覺覺得做自己." (Translation:“ I feel I should just be myself.”) Now to be able to say something like that, you'd probably need to have a lot of self-confidence, exactly the thing I find very valuable.

A lot of times, a lack of self-confidence can really cause you to second guess yourself... whether it be on a test, during a competition, or meeting new people. This quote has really taught me to think: How much do I really know myself? How can I exert that same confidence? How should I act so that people can see me for the real me? 

The answer to all these how's is simple. Be yourself. Similar to what I mentioned in the previous post, the idea is not to put on a show. It's to take off that mask and let your inner-beauty shine through. So let's embrace this quote shall we? 

How do you feel? "感覺...覺得做自己." (Translation:“ I feel I should just be myself.”) 

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