I've only recently started blogging... but these 3 months of doing so has taught me something. And I know for sure I can give a bit of advice to that little me back in June.

(1) Be more on schedule. Starting out a blog, I know I needed to put up a post at least every other day to help generate readers as well as help develop my blog.

(2) Numbers are not that important. I guess when I started, the number of page views I got was quite important to me. But I've realized that that all started because of one thing: right smack on the overview page in the blogger.com, there was a whole chart counting the number of page views I received... What a reminder right? Now, I just see it as a nice little picture and move on.

(3) Write out your personality! Through reading a variety of blogs, both by novice bloggers and experienced bloggers, I've realized that I expecially enjoyed reading work by those who write as if they are speaking to me... kind of like a mini conversation through my laptop screen. And that's what I also want to aim for.

(4) Practice, practice, practice! Blogging is ultimately a form of writing, though still quite casual. But because it is writing, I know I need much practice before I can make my posts, should I say, more enjoyable to read. In fact, I've been told that my writing as very much improved since my first posts here theconbonz.

(5) Socialize. In order to have someone notice my blog, I need to get my blog out there more. No one will somehow drop by miraculously. Want readers? Got to market theconbonz through social media platforms like twitter.

(6) Join communities. As I entered the realm of the blogging world more and more, I began to realize what a positive and wonderful community it really is. Everything becomes even better when I found others in the same niche as me. How'd I find them? Just with a simply research. And this leads me to the next thing I would have told myself.

(7) Research. Research. Research. In order to get better at anything, research is the way to go. As a complete amateur with no mentor really, I needed to find out what I needed to do in order to become an actual blogger with a blog that someone reads. I may not have that big of an audience now, but research has allowed me to be able to find the right ways to write my posts, take pictures, etc. 

(8) Show personality through the blog design. If you're close to me, you'd probably know that I'm constantly trying to design and redesign my blog. I've gone through 3-4 different designs including the current one, and I'm still striving to make one that shows ME through it. Nothing too fancy. Just simple and comfortable. Like I said in (7) research in basic HTML coding to get the design I want makes everything easier. No need to pay a blog designer (unless you're looking for an extremely intricate design...) just stick with what you can do. If the time is right or you're too tired to design anymore, then hire someone. Otherwise, try doing it yourself first. It really isn't that hard. It just takes time, patience, and determination.

(9) Read other blogs. I've probably mentioned this before, but one of the most important ways to improve would be to examine the work of other accomplished bloggers. What made their blog so widely read? What can I "take" from them to implement into my own blog? These are the questions I often ask myself when I read other blogs.

(10) Ask for opinions. I've asked my parents and friends on what I can personally do to improve my blog. My dad probably reads my blog everyday and because of that, he tells me where I'm doing not so well and he also gives me suggestions on what I can add on to the blog. Thanks a bunch dad! Look for constructive criticisms... they may occasionally sound a bit offensive, but, hey, suck it up and become a better blogger.

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