The best vacation I'd ever had would probably have to be my recent one to Taiwan and Hong Kong (check out my adventures --> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) All previous ones were undoubtedly amazing, but this one was the most memorable.

I've always wanted to go to Taiwan and Hong Kong (mainly for the food really... and shopping.) For some reason, I feel some kind of connection with the people there. It might be because of the language or it might be because I watch way too many Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas. Nonetheless, I felt really really comfortable there. 

The hotel? Gorgeous view.

The food? Undeniably delicious.


The shopping experience? Crowded. But still an awesome experience.

Hong Kong restaurants? Really quite hilarious... People there were so funny. So funny. I'm probably the only that finds it amusing... Rude old guys speaking roughly in Canto - haahahaha! 


And also, I spend my birthday this summer in a train with a guy that made each and every passengers cute little balloons! I was very touched... probably one of the most childish items, but because it was so simple, I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring it home with me... And that's exactly why I took loads of pictures of them. Had I been able to bring them home with me, I probably would have kept them for quite a while... possibly until they die... *sob sob* I miss Mr. Fish and pretty Rosie...

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