Dear Connie,

Hey, girl! How's adult life? Pretty good? Or much too stressful? By the way, congratulations on the 10th anniversary of theconbonz! Wow, I didn't expect you to make it this far, but seriously... I have to say that you're just one of the most "awesome-est" person ev-er! Hope, nothing too tragic has happened yet. Gosh, do I have so much to ask you! Got your masters yet (probably did already, huh?)? Get that dream house of yours? Dream job? Oh, yeah and how's Pudding? Is she still nice and healthy? Really hope she is... our lovely daughter. Still single? Or been through multiple break ups already? Or you've found the one? Oh, how about getting into your dream school? Did you make it? Huh, huh, huh?? I can seriously go on for hours and hours... But Connie, I'd like to tell you one thing... Now that you're an adult, I know you're absolutely filled with much more wisdom than I do. But as a little naive highschooler, I'd like to remind you to never forget who you are. You're not here to please others. Live your life and enjoy it. Get out there, out of that comfort zone of yours and get that position or guy or bag or whatever else you're interested in now (Oh, yeah. How's it been with K-pop? B1A4? VIXX?)... Just be happy. That's probably one the most important thing you should have in your life. As for all that stress you're probably having, I know you've got a way to tone it down. You've always have. I believe in you and I trust you. Love you, Connie. Connie-from-10-years-ago out.

With the greatest love of all,
Your younger self 

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