I'm the type of person that gets red in the face just like that. Don't believe me? Ask my friends... whenever we work on a project together and something happens that isn't going the way I wanted, I get extremely stressed and frustrated... in a matter of seconds. So what exactly makes me all irritated? Well let's see...

(1) When people eat with their mouths open and make the sound... *she-ak she-ak she-ak* Seriously I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 

(2) Having a cluttered work space or room. I definitely am not OCD, but I just can't stand a staying in a place where everything is all over the place. Just no. No.

(3) Getting another pimple right after the previous one heals. Being acne prone, this is not fun. I worked so hard to get rid of one and now its soul still lurks around to haunt me... grrrrr!

(4) Split ends.... I'm pretty sure everyone out there hates them, right? I still remember when I found my first split end... I didn't know how one looked like prior to that.... I didn't know they could make your hair so rough and stiff.... Ugh just got to chop all them off!

(5) When people make me a sandwich and cut off the crust. Yup, I literally get frustrated and a bit tipped off whenever anyone does that. I mean, thank you for the sandwich and all but please, I'd like the crust on. O. N. On.... Thank you very much. (I'm weird. I know.)

(6) I really don't like hanging around negative people... They seem to always succeed in sucking out all my energy (and I'm an introvert already). So that's exactly why I think it'd be wise to stop complaining here.

Let's stay positive and be happy!! Cupcakes and ice cream everyday! What are some of your pet peeves?

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