It's really been a while since we've all seen Pudding on here, right? Well, here's a little pupdate! Pudding has been really well. She's calmed down quite a bit - doesn't chew on just anything anymore, 99% potty trained, eats well, poos well... And best of all, she's developed quite the personality. Pudding loves to play and will nag me at my feet with a toy until I give in to her aegyo. In fact, she's learned to use her little paws to get my attention; scratching my hand, pushing my phone away... all to get more play time.

 One thing though: her haircut. Our family just came back from a trip to Japan, so during our trip we sent her off to stay at our groomers. But when she came back, she had the worst haircut ever. Just choppy and patchy in all the wrong places. We did the best we could to fix her cut up. Still as cute as ever though. Seriously love her more than ever.

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