In the short 10 days I was in Japan, I have to admit that I don't even remember what went in my mouth. Just too much good stuff. But I did in fact bring back lots of snacks. And among them, these are my favorite: (clockwise) jelly sushi maker, Sailor Moon candy, Papabubble mixed fruit candy, Pikachu chocolate, and Gudetama jelly. All sweets for some odd reason...

My childhood anime favorites. Naruto, Pokemon, and Totoro. Going to Japan, it would be a sin for me not to bring back something like this. Besides, look at that frog wallet! I'm not sure about others, but I'm so going to go around showing it off. Come on, even Naruto loves it!

And of course, how can I leave Japan without a bit of makeup to add to my collection? I honestly didn't buy as much as I though I would, considering there was a drug store on nearly every corner with a whole floor dedicated to just cosmetic products. Regardless, I picked up quite a few blushes (2 from Canmake and 1 from Muji), a finishing powder, a highlighter, and the infamous Sailor Moon eyeliner (which I couldn't find until my last day there). Honestly the eyeliner is meh-quality, but still deserves a spot in my collection.

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