Not going to lie. My fingers are practically stiff from not touching this blog for so long. So what have I been up to? Well as you could have guessed, I came back from a 2-week trip to Japan. Then somehow made it through 4 consecutive days at Anime Expo. Came back, rested for a while and then carried my luggage up to my dorm. And here I am 4 weeks into my summer classes catching up with this wonderful world online :)

Dorm life is honestly pretty relaxing. Other than going to class and finishing homework, all other time is really up to me. I can't particularly say I've been making the most out of my free time, but my 4 weeks here were definitely not a waste. Everyday, I walk myself down to the lab snuggling in my jacket (because even though it's summer, the classrooms are always a season or two ahead), and work on the projects assigned. I've discovered quite a lot about coding, the theories, the concepts, the technicalities... Won't be changing majors anytime soon. Least I can say, it feels nice to finally find something that gets me pumping and buzzing to work.

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