It feels like it's been a while since I last shared my current playlist with y'all. School's starting very soon, if not already. So to remember the summer nights of watching anime and dramas (that's just me I think) or star gazing or night hikes, leggo!

  1. Chen x Punch: Everytime
  2. Gummy: You Are My Everything
  3. NCT 127: Taste The Feeling
  4. Taeyeon: 'Why' Album
  5. Taeyeon: Secret
  6.  Monsta X: "The Clan Pt. 1 'Lost'" Album
  7. RADWIMPS: 前前前世
  8. Burnout Syndromes: Fly High!!*
  9. Saukura Fujiwara: Soup*
  10. Laboum: 상상더하기
  11. Sukima Switch: Ah Yeah!!

*couldn't find original/full song on Youtube, but a shorter one or a cover is available!

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