I can't possibly tell you how long I've resisted to the temptations of anime. But seriously, why bother? There's nothing you can do once you discover the amount of oozing goodness that comes out of the whole anime industry. You won't want to let go. In fact, you'll need some strong will power to remain a productive human being.

Tears Amp Up the Quality 

This is so straight forward. If you cry watching an anime, it's practically 99.9% that the plotline was on point, the character development were on point, what the heck it was perfect! Simple as that.

 Anime Conventions are the Real Deal

I participated in my first Anime Expo (AX) this summer. Pure amazing-ness. Sure, my feet were dying on me, my wallet was shrinking at the speed of light, but I enjoyed every minute there. And no questions asked, I will go again. As humans, we like to mingle around with others who share the same interests as us. So, practically nothing felt better than to see other enthusiasts just like me, having heated discussions on an anime, selling/trading merch, and cosplaying as their favorite character. If anything, AX was one of the main highlights of my summer. No doubt about that.

Learning (a bit of) Japanese and their culture 

I was introduced into anime by a very close friend of mine, whom is my dear Queen. I particularly remember the time when she told me that I was one of the few people that understood her when she said, "Hai" attempting to answer yes to a question. It can be quite frustrating explaining this reference to someone else. So, I'm a proud girl. No lie. That aside, my trip to Japan allowed me to experience a lot of the Japanese culture I see so often in animes: public bath houses, the kawaii wave, school field trips, cute uniforms, yukatas, ramen slurping, itadakimasu's....

Uncovering New Hobbies

 Sport animes! Never have I thought I would come to love this genre so much. Nearly a year ago, all I watched was Nartuo and short seijo's. This summer, I was introduced to Haikyuu!! and I can't possibly describe how grateful I am to have watched it. In fact, I remember watching my very first volleyball game at school. I literally just traced the ball back and forth and tried not to fall asleep. I didn't understand the positions nor the rules. Now, volleyball... Oh - squeals for joy - ! Others of course, enjoy yaoi (Google it). I support it, but I personally am not quite there yet.

Could you relate with me? Or would you like to share more "effects" of you own?

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