Narita, Japan

Our first three days in Japan were spent in Narita. Though not entirely in the city, we were within a few stops from Tokyo. So with much time on our hands, we headed out to explore. First stop? AEON market raid. As expected, the packaging were all too cute. Almost had to get my hands tied because I was putting too much stuff into our shopping cart. We also visited the AEON mall quite a few times. I personally went there for the manga. And MUJI. After hearing so much about Coco Curry from Simon and Martina, this cozy curry shop was basically a must go for me. Thus, one of our lunches was spent at Coco Curry. For a fast food type of place, the selections were actually quite nice. Though I'm not sure I would eat it for every meal. Our hotel also had a shuttle service, so we made use of that and visited the Nartiasan Shinshoji Temple and the surrounding areas.

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