Tokyo Bay, Japan; Kamakura, Japan; Atami, Japan

The morning of our fourth day, we joined up with our tour guide and headed out of Narita towards our hotel in Atami. But before reaching Atami, we made a few stops. First we visited the ever so popular Japanese SA's or service areas. SA's are simply resting stops with mini plazas inside. Each SA supposedly sells different area-specific foods and souveniers, so many Japanese like to tour around to each of the different SA's to find collectible items. We reached Kamakura soon after. Needless to say we visited and payed our respects at the famous Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. Then off to shopping on Wakamiya Street and Komachi Dori. Our tour guide also arranged for us a rickshaw ride around the streets in Kamakura... this was definitely one of the most memorable moments during my visit in Japan. (Needs a short pause to reminisce that wonderful queen-like feeling)  After a short stop at the Hase Temple, we rode off into our room in Atami. And of course a full on experience in the hot springs~

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