Ahhh... first post on this segment! What happened today? Well, a whole week of Thanksgiving break is officially over... No!! Though I haven't really done anything other than stay at home and do homework, there were defintely things that made me quite very happy!

  1. Listening to some of my favorite songs before bedtime... Here's a list of just a few of them.
  2. Going out and finally taking my sweet 16 photoshoot with my family. When I get the pictures, I'll definitely share it on this beloved diary of mine.
  3. Repainting my nails! I didn't have the time to pamper myself for the last three weeks or so, so I was practically living with disgustingly chipped tips for quite a while...
  4. Watching Bubz's vlogs... They always make me ever so happy! It just makes me a proud subscriber whenever she can always make those haters look childish for commenting such hurtful things.
  5. Eating out with my parents for Thanksgiving... Quality family time is always appreciated! 
  6. Reaching 14 followers on Bloglovin'! Hopefully no one unfollows and make me sad to see them go... Anyways, hip hip hooray!!
  7. Having Pudding wake me up in the morning. Her licks can get a bit crazy, but oh she's sooo cute!
  8. Finally eating a bit healthier, again. Lately I've been eating a bit too much fried foods, pasta, and such... fruits and vegetables taste the best!
  9. Coming home and being able to avoid the hectic enviornment out there during Black Friday... It's too crazy. Much too crazy.
  10. Jumping into clean, cool sheets and taking a nice 9-hour sleep at the end of the day. Nothing feels better!
What made you happy this week?


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