It's been so long since I've been in on here... Lately, there has been too many tests so I figured that it'd be better for me to focus on my studies for a while before blogging. Hope you guys can understand! So let's catch up shall we?

一. After hearing so much about this book for years, I was really tempted to get my hands on it. Fortunately got the chance to read it in my English class this year. The book itself was amazing, just Mccandless... I'm not so sure what he's thinking. But overall enjoyed the experience.

二. Got white sheets! Being involved in the blogger community, I see white sheets everywhere and I knew I, too, needed one. Why? That's simple. It easily brightens up the room and serves as a lovely backdrop for my photos. Hehe, killing two birds with one stone right there.

三. My luck - injured my ankle a couple weeks ago doing the most stupid thing ever. Skipping. Yes, now stop laughing. Really wish I injured it doing something cool like going on ninja missions or something. Sigh~~

四. Mother's Day is tomorrow! I'm so excited because I made a really cute card for mommy this year. It was pretty last minute because of all the schoolwork, but I really hope mommy will like it. If possible, I'll post something tomorrow or the day after to give a quick sum up of this year's Mother's Day.

五. Currently on drafting up some new designs for my blog. I've gotten a bit tired of the look right now, so can't wait to finish my drafts and start on the coding. Hopefully, I'll be able to showcase a new and better theconbonz really soon. Look forward to it!

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