As of today, there's only 4 more days left of school and I can't possibly describe how excited I currently am! But as usual, I'll still have to go to summer school  - it's okay, Connie, it's okay. Despite that I still have a few things I'd like to accomplish, of course in addition to my academic ones, during these 2 months of break.

一. Blog much more. I'll be out and about quite a lot this break, so I really need to get in the habit of documenting my little adventures. Really need to get over that fear of looking like a weird photo maniac. No guys, I'm a blogger.

二.  Continue with my endeavor in learning the Korean language. At the beginning of the school year, I spent nearly every week taking notes and listening to podcasts. But because of the work load and the tests, I decided it was more important to give my entire attention to my studies first. Nonetheless, this will definitely be on my schedule every single day - or at least as often as I can manage.

三. Return to the piano. It's been much too long since I touched that beautiful instrument. Those black and white keys bring make so much memories; true, there were tough times but not something my teacher and I couldn't get through together. Yes got to release my inner musician. ヽ(^。^)丿

四. Learn the guitar. Since I'll be officially entering my senior year this following school year, I've taken advantages of the classes I can take. My schedule will be rather rigorous, so nothing like learning a new instrument that can make my day so much more relaxing! Besides, I think girls who can play the guitar are extremely attractive... And I want to be attractive - hehe.

五. Exercise, Dance, and Abs. It's no secret now. I want a nice toned core, who doesn't? Nope not dieting. Just want to get that nice, toned, healthy, body... and eating healthy and exercising is apparently the only way to go.

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