10 am. Wake up. Darn it, I'm late for school. Oh wait. It's the first day of summer! Yes, this is definitely the life. After a long 10 months of school, we're finally out. No more waking up at 6 in the morning and stuffing some oatmeal in my mouth. Now I can finally enjoy my breakfast - the meal I look forward to most. 

Recently, I discovered the Special K cereal. For some reason, my parents have been telling me that I didn't used to like this kind of cereal... Don't know what happened to me, but this thing is definitely the bomb! Absolutely in love with it. For a petite person like me, it's quite filling and provides me with enough energy to start my day off right. I always like to eat my cereal with some fresh fruits - today was strawberries from the local farmer's market - and a huge glass of warm water, Still remember those days when I'd drink a glass of milk or juice every morning, but maybe because I've grown a lot older I've begun to gravitate towards water. By now it's become a habit of mine to chug down water every morning. I think it's that healthy part of me stepping in. Off to get some work done. Be back tomorrow. Promise.

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