Being a skincare junkie, I think it's pretty obvious that my ultimate favorite beauty product is one related to skincare, huh? Yup, that's pretty accurate. I'd like to reveal that this product is.... (drum roll, please) the famous Clarisonic.

Yes, everyone has been raving about them and last Christmas I thought it was time I also join in on the fun. Instead of getting the Plus, I opted for the Mia2 instead simply because
it costed less and fitted my needs much more. The Plus offers a body function, which I don't think I'll use too often, so the Mia2 was the way to go.

For about 4 years now, I've struggled with acne. Trying out different treatments, different products, and enduring criticisms from others was quite painful, I have to admit. But the Clarisonic Mia2 was one of those products that I can confidently say made a drastic improvement in my skin condition. Cleaning your face with just hands and face wash sometimes isn't enough. Your fingers aren't able to reach down into the little pores and unclog them from all the dirt, dust, and pollution.

I still remember the very first time I used it. Girl, did it unclog my pores! The whole cleaning process takes only 1 minute, and I was wonderstruck. After washing the soap off my face, woah, that fresh breeze... all I could think was: This. Feels. Awesome. And now I use it every night. It really has made a difference in how my skin looks and how I treat my skin. 
Everyone is beautiful. So let's all let this beauty shine through!

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