Yes! I'm back! These couple of days that I was gone, I had my reasons. If you follow me on twitter, you'd most likely know that there were some problems with my blog.... and for the last couple days, I have been working for hours and hours trying to fix it. And finally, it is FIXED! Woooh! *throwing a mini party* 

Unfortunately, I've missed 3 days of Blogober.... but to make up for that, I'm going to choose one topic from the last three and share to my readers my thoughts on it.

As the title suggests, the one I chose is - I never thought blogging would... So let's start, shall we?

Blogging was definitely not something that I arbitrarily just started doing. I actually weighed the pros and cons, made lots of preparations, and discussed with my parents before I actually set forth to become a blogger. And this is probably one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. 

As a highschooler, almost everything in my life revolves around school, especially now that college is near, and test scores and grades become extremely important. Blogging has essentially
become an outlet for me (just like music) to release my stress and to also leave that "studious girl" act I portray at school. 

Blogging however has also brought many smiles to my life. Yes, I've been blogging for a short 3 months now. But when I was fixing my blog, I had to go over each and every post. As I was doing so, I saw so many pictures of myself and all the places I've been to... The memories and happiness just came pouring in. It was then when I realized how precious those moments were and how amazing it was to be able to look back at pictures and immediately time travel back to that moment in time. 

Also, I've got to mention how influential a blog and being a blogger can be. When my bestie, Melina, notified me that she, too, was opening up a blog, I was completely elated. I seriously couldn't believe that she would give blogging a try just because I said it was fun and enjoyable. Man, got to tell you - blogging is so powerful. 

It brings forth not only another side of you, but also happiness to both you and others. I never thought blogging would be able to do this. But I now know.

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