Yup, the title explains it all. I do indeed miss the times when I played the piano. Nowadays, because I'm studying for the SAT and school's started, it just gets a bit too hectic for me to even touch the piano.

Most of my friends that play the instrument, or any instrument for that matter, tend to complain about how boring piano really is. But to be honest is it really? I don't know. I guess there are times when I'm preparing for the exam and having to play and replay the same three songs over and over again can bore me out of my mind. However, I've realized that once I passed that "exam period" its... FREEDOM!! (Imagine running in circles screaming that!! aha funny scene...)

And because I'm over that "exam period," I  get to chose what piece I want to play and not be limited to just those in the exam booklet. It was only then when I realized how beautiful this thing called music really is. I began to appreciate music and began to use it as an outlet for me whenever I'm tired, stressed, bored so on and so forth, you get the gist.

But I've been away from that outlet of mine for much too long. I need it back. I want my freedom back. And I'm gonna go get it, girl! But please wait another 2 weeks... just half a month... until SATs are over. Okay? Okay.

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