The best advice I've probably every received is... "Be Confident!" I'm not the most confident person out there, and I know it. This little missing part of me has in fact caused me to constantly question my ability, hence leading myself to perform much worse than I actually can. So for example, in the past whenever I went to dance competitions, I'd always be shaking like crazy. Why? Simply because I "felt" I was not good enough. 

I felt insecure.

This insecurity came from several different places, really. One would definitely be my acne (though I don't really have much now.) Another would probably be the constant comparisons between friends and classmates... ugh, I hate dislike being compared to others (I don't think anyone likes it...). And another would have to be my shy disposition. 

Even during elementary school and middle school, I really cared how people thought of me and saw me... Now? Well, I could care less. I am who I am. Yes, I'm shy. I don't talk much. But I can say that I'm gathering up my confidence little by little... as I grow up year by year and slowly discover who I really am.

So I'd like to tell you this: Everyone's different. There's no need to care about what other's think of you and then try to adapt to their views to "fit-in." Just be confident and people will accept who you are. If they don't, then they suck. They're completely missing out on how cool of a person you are. 

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