As I mentioned in my mini catch-up post this past Saturday, I've been really motivated lately to hit the gym. And I've been seeing results! Though I haven't got that Victoria Secret's model body yet, the fat is shedding off really fast.

Just as a friendly reminder, I'd like to say that I am no certified trainer of any sort in any way. I just thought it would be nice to share what kind of exercises I've been rocking lately.

Typically right after I get off from school, I eat a bowl of Special K cereal and then go off for a 30 to 45 minute run. On days when I don't really feel the running spirit, I take out my phone and go through some Blogilates videos. My current favorites are (1) 5 Minute Fat Burner (2) Fat Destroyer (3) Fun Indoor Cardio Workout (4) Fat Burning Dance Workout to "Bodypop" (5) Lower Belly Flattener.

As you can see, 4/5 of them are all cardio based while only 1 works out my abs. That's why right before bed, I like to go through a small marathon of ab workouts, which consist of 2 reps of 25 of (1) Crunches (2) Hip Raises (3) Leg Raises and finally a 60 second plank.

Really all this exercise only takes away one hour out my whole day, and personally I think it is worth it. Exercising helps me fall asleep more easily; gives my skin that glow; and makes me feel lighter and tighter (if that makes any sense). Frankly, I enjoy running and doing ab workouts simply because I feel happy and satisfied each and every time. Hopefully, dear reader, you have found this helpful or interesting in some way. Care to share your thoughts on my routine or working out in general?

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