Valencia, CA

At the end of February, we went on a field trip + competition at Six Flags. And aside from the workshops, though extremely informational, that took place in the freezing cold auditorium, it was sure a fine find day! I reunited with one of my besties, Melina, who happens to be a fellow blogger of mine, and it just gave me butterflies seeing her again. All the good times just came rushing back in.

But in addition to all that good stuff, what else did I do at Six Flags? Not much, really. Just walked around the whole park by myself (I know, what a loner) trying to find the lunch buffet and of course riding probably a good chunk of the rides. And I'm proud to say I did not go on one of the newbie ones :) Come on, give me a high five! Then I enjoyed some candy shopping with some classmates of mine... Man those candy... Too much. Literally overdose! (Someone call the doctor... Anyone know what I'm referring to? *wink wink*)

I have to say it was just bunches of fun going back to Six Flags this year. But I still didn't get that funnel cake I've always wanted to try. I shall get it next year. I shall. Just wait for it.

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