For some reason, I've found myself enjoying instrumentals quite a lot lately. When a new song comes out, I'll bob my head to it and then see if I could find the instrumental version. And if I do, I find myself putting it in a playlist and blasting it through the speakers every now and then... well more like every single day.

I can't seem to explain it but the instrumental gives off a completely different feeling aside from the actual song with lyrics. I can practically come up with a little movie as I close my eyes... There's trees, I'm wandering barefoot, wide stretches of green grass, then it starts to get cold. Something's behind me... Yes as you can see, it can get pretty out of reach. But I like it. It helps me relax. So to share this experience, I've decided to list some of the instrumentals I've been really enjoying lately.

[Unfortunately, for several of the songs, I could not find the instrumental version on YouTube, so I've linked the original version in the parentheses next to it :)]
  1. Legend - Trace 
  2. B1A4 - White Miracle (Original Version)
  3. LC9 - East of Eden (Original Version)
  4. LC9 - 못난놈이 웁니다 (Original Version)
  5. CNBLUE - Can't Stop
  6. EXO - The First Snow
  7. B.A.P. - Where Are You? Where Are You Doing?
  8. IU & HIGH4 - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms
  9. Jin - Gone
  10. SoYou and JungiGo - Some
picture from re:splashed

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