Just last Friday, I shared the products that have been in my Daytime Winter Pouch. And the Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick (I'm using #3) is one of those must have products. The lipstick sports a very pretty light peachy pink shade.

It goes on every so smoothly and has an extremely moisturizing quality to it, making it perfect for those strong biting winds during the winter. But because the tint of this product is more towards the lighter side, I needed to use some skin color lip pencil or some concealer to let its true color shine through.

After a couple weeks of using it, I really have nothing to complain about it at all. Only that it can feel a bit sticky when I smack my lips together, but it doesn't bother me as much as lip glosses do. This little flaw is nothing to stop me from loving this lipstick.

The packaging is really nice and light. Though it is plastic, it feels sturdy and comfortable in the hand. The matte gold metal really adds a chic and wintery feel to the overall product . BUT. I have to point out one thing that I am absolutely in love with about the packaging. The little "window" at the end of the base of the lipstick shows exactly what color it is. So if you have quite a few lipsticks and forget which color is which, this is something that can really make the choosing process much more convenient.

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