Now that's we're all well into winter here in the northern hemisphere, there's probably one thing most girls out there are really annoyed of. I myself have to say nothing dries out my skin more than being outdoors with the icy cold winds and then going into a room that has the heater on blast. So today, I'd like to just share what has been in my day time winter pouch. I'll soon follow up with a night edition, so please look forward to it. Now let's get started!

It may be cloudy, cut we still need a bit of sunscreen to protect our delicate skin. I'm currently still using the Etude House Precious Mineral Cushion (SPF 50 PA++), but the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion (SPF 34 PA++) is something I'd definitely recommend using during this season. Unlike the Etude House one, this cushion is targeted to be used during the winter as it what I'd like to call an extra-moisturizing cushion. (If you're not familiar with what a cushion is, it's basically a sponge that has been soaked in foundation/bb/cc cream depending on the product. So a sponge is all you need for application. I don't really consider it makeup. I like to think of it as tinted sunscreen with a whole bunch skincare benefits all packed inside... but anyways its so application is so fast & easy.) Both are really moisturizing and give off quite a natural finish.

Who wants rough, sandpaper skin? I know I don't. But lately, this weather has been cursing me with it. And therefore, a hand cream is a must. I'm currently really enjoying the Jeju Peach Hand Cream from Innisfree. It has really pleasing peachy scent that isn't too overpowering. During the winter, I typically like to squeeze out a bit larger than a pea size because then I can use the excess on my neck. Moisturized neck? Check. Smelling good? Check.  

Now the lips! As usual I can't leave the house without a proper lip balm with me. My lips tend to get chapped really easily so a light but moisturizing one is an essential. Currently, I'm using the original moisturizing Chapstick with an SPF 15. It's nothing special but it gets the job done. Because it doesn't have any tint or scent to it, I like to use it as an eye cream per say. During really dry and cold days, I rub some onto my finger and tap the product under my eyes and on the corner of my lips. 

For some extra color, nothing seems to be better than my current favorite Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick in #3. Girl, you know you've succeeded when someone stops and asks you what you're wearing on your lips. All I can say is it's the perfect winter lipstick. Beautiful color and extremely moisturizing. I'll be doing a full post on this product soon, so I'll talk more about it then. (**Update: here's the full post)

Finally face mist. This is definitely something you can use as a little skin-pick-me-up. When your skin is dry, it doesn't look good at all. It gets dull, looks patchy, there's a bit of uneven skin tone. Yeah, not a really nice sight. That's why spray some moisturizing mist and seal it in with the cushion. 

I love having plump and moisturized skin... That's definitely a keyword for this winter. Moisturize.

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