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 School's out and what do you do? Yes, you go down to K-town and do a little shopping with your friends. It's pretty funny because when we entered that shopping plaza, anyone could just look at us and figure out that we were another one of those Kpop fans. Ha, but that's alright. Proud girl right here.

Upon entering the store, I immediately shot to the merch aisle, looking for those pop up stickers that had just come in. Found them, grabbed 4 packs  - VIXX, two B1A4's (another one for my friend), and BTS. With that done, it's album shopping time. I came in there intending to leave with 1-2 albums, but instead I left with 5. And here's my logic. How often do I get to go to downtown? At most twice a year. So with that said, it only makes sense to get what I need before leaving. That way I'll return home with no regrets. That is my logic.

Anyways, which ones did I get?

(1) BTS | Skool Luv Affair
(2) B1A4  | Let's Fly
(3) NS Yoon-G | Sincerely,
(4) VIXX | Boys' Record
(5) Amber | Beautiful

Being a devout Bana, it is quite surprising to know that I didn't have their very first album until now. But girl here is very close to having their entire collection. Just missing 3 more. I'll make it. No worries. As for VIXX's newest album ~ I can't tell you how loud I shrieked when I discovered I got N's photocards. My god, good thing I switched the album. Wait, let's rewind. I was there looking for the Boys' Record Album. Didn't take me long to find it. But much to my dismay it was a little bent at the edges and because of that I attempted to look for a newer one. Found a whole stack below that shelves and quickly did an exchange. And thank goodness I did... Hehe, I'd say this is definitely a good start to my summer. Really looking forward to what happens the next two months.

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