Around sometime last year, I became an official tea lover. Green tea. Especially green tea. I started drinking tea just for slimming down, but I have to say it has seriously become one of those things I can't really seem to live without. Just this past Christmas, we were having some last minute Christmas shopping and can I say how lucky I was to stumble upon this beautiful cup with such an aesthetically pleasing design? I'm not sure about other people, but drinking out of a pretty cup makes me want to drink more. Haha... anyone else feel me?

I purchased this mug set at 50% off!!! Yup, so remember always wait for all those end-of-the-year sales. Saves so much money money. This set came with a ceramic tea infuser and lid. I've never really used an infuser before; simply because I tend to gravitate towards tea bags as they're fast and convenient. This time, however, I "borrowed" some of my mommy's rose green tea and gave the infuser a try. I have to say that I'm definitely loving my new tea-sipping experience. Pretty cup & awesome tea = happy me.

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