Music is something that can really turn a poopy day into a nice one. After a long night of homework, I really enjoy turning up the volume while I get ready for bed
time. And so today, I'd like to share several songs that has been on my playlist. Most all of the songs are on the calm and quiet side - exactly what I need to get myself feeling sleepy and dreamy.

(1) B.A.P. - Definitely Today [YT link]
(2) Lim Kim - Goodbye 20 [YT link]
(3)  JJLin - She Said [YT link]
(4) 100% - Guy Like Me [YT link]
(5) LC9 - East of Eden [YT link]

The playlist is more on the shorter side since it doesn't take me too long to get snuggled up in bed. If anything, I like to put this playlist on repeat and just fall asleep to it... Mmm, I don't know what I'd do without music to help calm my brain.

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