Spring isn't around the corner anymore!! It's officially here! Even though I'm a summer baby, I have to admit that spring is probably my favorite season... well that's a bit debatable considering winter is a close second. Nonetheless, how can spring be spring without pastel colors bursting everywhere? 

This pretty girly bracelet with hints of vintage and pastel is just too cute! Though it costed me a painstaking amount, considering its design I guess its rather worth it. If you remember from my Taiwan & Hong Kong Haul post, I briefly mentioned purchasing this bracelet but never said too much about it. I'm not going to do a full on review, but I do have to say that this bracelet just gives me the spring vibes. It's definitely the girliest piece of accessory I own...but how can I resist wearing it? I feel so pretty once I put it on. Kind of like this: slap this on and immediate Sailor Moon transformation!

Not long ago, I hopped over to Target and found some wonderful items in the dollar section. And man was that section filled with watercolors and pastels. Yes, even Target is playing along. So I grabbed a few things - 5 buckets and a packet of pens and mechanical pencils.

No kidding though, these pens and pencils are of rather high quality considering the amount I paid for them. Even the little erasers at the top work wonderfully! Surprise, right? As for the pens, the golden accents really bring together the whole design of the pen... just adds that extra hint of sophistication and feminineness (hey, dictionary.com said this was a word) every girl needs.

Just curious but does anyone else go into Staples or some stationery store thinking, "I can spend the whole day here... I want everything! So pretty..."? Or is it just me?

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