In this day and age, it gets really easy - and I mean really easy - to get caught up with the future and the past. What we have done before, both the good and the bad, still lingers in our minds. What we want to do and achieve is pouring down on us with so much energy I'd say it can practically suffocate someone. But what happened to the now? The present? Isn't it more important to get the things at hand finished with before dealing with anything else? The answer is yes.

What's the point in living in the past or worrying about the future if just thinking won't be able to change anything? I mean if I could change my future and past just by thought, I'd be a genius+quadrillionaire by now!

So right now, in this moment, I'm appreciating the fact that

  1. I have a father and mother that loves me and is willing to take me into their arms whenever wherever
  2. I have a roof over my head and more than enough money to be able to live a happy and healthy life
  3. There are people in my life that are willing to listen to my stories and share with me some of their own
  4. I discovered what a blog was and decided to embark on this journey to discover more of this whole new world
  5. There is such a beautiful online community that is there to support bloggers from all over the world
  6. Music exists to help me relieve my stress and bundled up emotions
  7. I have access to YouTube. Don't think that needs much of an explanation
  8. Doing simple things, be it online or in real life, can inspire others around me to do the same, but better
  9. I'm comfortable in my own skin and find absolutely no need to put on a show to please someone else
  10. Others find me a trustworthy friend, an amicable person, and a nerd. I like being the nerd. It's fun :)
What are you appreciating now?
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