March is slowly coming to a close and so much has been happening lately. During my "spring break" I managed to get a majority of my assigned work done before my classmates and I headed up north to Sacramento for a little competition. I really learned a lot and grew so much as a person in just my 4 days stay there. But I'll talk more about my trip in a later post. 

I haven't been on my blog for six days, and it seriously feels like I've been gone for ages. So as a celebratory post for my return to this wonderful space and the beginning of a new and hopefully productive month, I shall share some tunes that have really been rocking my playlist! (And this week there's actually an American song in here... quite a surprise, right?)

  1. I'm OK -  Eric Nam
  2. Love Equation - VIXX
  3. 背對背擁抱 - JJ Lin
  4. 愛笑的眼睛 - JJ Lin
  5. 學不會 - JJ Lin
  6. 可惜沒有如果 - JJ Lin
  7. Fourfiveseconds - Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney 
  8. 多遠都要在一起 - G.E.M.
  9. Midnight Sun - Hotshot
  10. Two Lovers - Davichi, Mad Clown
  11. Growing Pains - D&E 
  12. Beautiful - Amber
  13. Only You - Miss A
  14. Cinderella Time - NC.A

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