Now that I'm back from my two week trip to Asia, I think that it's time I do a little show and tell. A show and tell of what I managed to hurl into the shopping cart all the way on the other side of the world and bring back here to good old LA.

  1. While shopping at a mall in HK, I encountered these cute socks! Since there was a discount for every four pair of socks, I gladly chose four. Can't wait to wear all of these!
  2. Can you guess what this is? It's a mug/cup lid. I didn't purchase this item, instead it was given to me as a gift for reaching a certain amount at Etude House.
  3. These were also gifts for the same reason as #2, but from the Innisfree store instead. I received 2 handkerchiefs from them. In fact, one is designed by Lee Minho. Which one is it??  

  1. A simple snapback with hints of girliness. I like!
  2. A straw hat with little cat ears at the top. It took me 3 days to get this hat. Why? Bargaining. But in the end, the owner still wouldn't give in, so we just decided to purchase it at the owner's price. Very cute, but not the price, no.
  3. Some hairbands with wires in them. I've actually been looking everywhere for them ever since I saw Bubzbeauty talk about it in one of her vlogs. It actually looks more girly on me than I expected, but, hey, a girl's got to look a bit girly once in a while right? Right.
  4. Strawberry hair rollers. These babies are extremely cute! Didn't know about them until I watched Dream High 2. I saw Jiyeon with these in her hair and immediately fell in love with these cute hair rollers. HAHAHA I've finally found you! You're mine now!! HAHAHA
  5. I purcashed this bracelet along with the hairbands in #3. It has a romantic vintage feel to it, looks really nice on the hand, and is something I've been looking for quite a while now. The only down side to this was the price. I'll even disclose it here; it was a pinching $20 (yes USD). Ouch! All I can say now is... It is indeed a very very very pretty bracelet.
  6. Now this is my birthday bracelet. This is an amethyst bracelet and is worth a lot to me as it was given to me by my parents on my birthday. I love you mommy and daddy! Although it isn't my birthday stone, it's still a very precious piece of jewelry - one that's made of real stuff... like real stones and real silver... the no rust kind. Very precious to me, very precious.

Starting below I will simply list the skin care products and cosmetics that I've purchased. I have not tried them out thoroughly yet, so no comments will be given. However, if anyone has tried out these products, please feel free to comment down below and let me know how they worked out!

  1. Precious Mineral BB Cushion by Etude House
  2. No-Sebum Mineral Powder by Innisfree
  3. Gel Eyeliners in #7 and #1 by Innisfree
  4. Eyebrow pencil in #2 by Innisfree
  5. Skinny Mascara by Innisfree
  6. Nail and Cuticle cream by Innisfree
  7. Eco Flower Tint in #1 by Innisfree
  8. Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 by Etude House
  9. Innisfree green tea face wash and Rosette Cleansing Paste
  10. Face mist by Just Beyond

  1. Wonder Pore Freshener by Etude House
  2. Face Mask 12-pack by Just Beyond
  3. Peach hand cream by Innisfree
  4. Green tea and Orange Butter hand cream by Nature Republic
  5. Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by Innisfree (came with a sample cleanser and toner as gift)
  6. Green Tea Balancing Special Kit by Innisfree (a gift)

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