Ever since I started my blog, I've really looked into photography. Be it from the different cameras I can use, to ISO, to aperture, to even simpler things like exposure. I even put my rusty Photoshop skills back to work! I wouldn't say it was a rough journey, but learning to take pictures on my own wasn't easy. Sure, I had daddy to occasionally pop in and give me some pointers. But I'm on my own a good 98% of the time.

I still remember in the beginning when I decided to take pictures, I only made sure they were in focus and uploaded them without editing them a bit. (Connie-from-a-year-ago pops in saying, "Hey, I cropped them! That's editing, too!) Yes, but not good enough. Nowadays, I spend roughly 30 minutes to an hour editing a photo for one post. Sounds like a lot, huh? Really all I do is adjust the brightness, curves, saturation so on and so forth.

So my photography style? What am I aiming to capture? Let's put it this way. I really love it when my photos look clean, crisp, and fresh, which easily explains why I tend to have a white backdrop for my photos. Oh, fun fact. Whenever, I take pictures I always ask myself this: Looking at this picture, can I feel the bright rooms, the huge windows, the positivity, the breeze? If it's a yes, it'll pass to go to my Photoshop folder. If not, then bye bye! It's taken me a while to finally know how to take a photo properly. Though I have to say that I've indubitably improved a lot in terms of layout and composure, I can still see myself create even better photos. I'm pretty much just a beginner after all.

Guess I should set a goal for myself. I recently read From Rose's recent post on photography, and she mentioned trying to take pictures as perfect as possible so as to minimize the amount of editing needed. Seems like a perfect way to push myself to getting where I want to be. Don't you think

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