A couple weeks ago, some friends and relatives stopped by to pay our family a visit – as well as have some fun in LA. Oh yes, the LA-feels are so real! We stopped by Pacsun during our shopping trip, and luckily they were having a huge sale. Searched the store and my eyes fell on “The Fedora Hat.” Yes the fedora hat. Though it was more on the pricey side, the questions and compliments I get every time I wear it makes up for the price, right?

I’m someone with a rather “not girlish not boyish” kind of style. So most of the time I turn towards Korean fashion. A lot of fashion bloggers as well as idols (both female and male) have worn fedoras, and I had to make sure I wasn’t missing out on this trend.

I really love how it can really bring a whole look together. It easily adds sophistication, which is wonderful for someone like me who looks a younger than my age. Also it isn’t too wide, allowing it to frame my face well. Besides, this hat, any hat for this matter, can serve as my little super hero during those bad hair days. I’m sure those with oily scalps like me would understand the frustration of getting stiff starchy hair from all that dry shampoo.

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