I’m that type of person that has to write everything down in a planner or else everything will go haywire. I'm serious. Trust me. I have too much going on inside my head that I might as well be nicknamed “goldfish” for this memory of mine.

As a result, for the past 4 years or so I’ve been writing all my homework, schedules, and to-do lists in a precious planner of mine. But plain planner paper ain’t cool! Stickers and colorful pens are basically a must-have if I’m ever going to write in my planner. Problem is, I purchased a planner 2 years ago that came with 3 sheets of stickers. Till this day, I haven’t even used 1/3 of it yet. I love buying stickers because I think I’ll put them to good use. But in reality I can’t bear peeling it off. Kind of like how I can’t use any of my Kpop merch/stationary as it has a special place in my heart. I’m not so sure why… I’m not the only one like this, right?

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