During the last few mixtapes, I've really compiled songs from a variety of artists and genres. It's going to be a bit different this time. Just a bit. You're probably going to notice that nearly 60 percent of the songs are by BTS. No surprise here as I just got my signed album in the mail!

A month back, I bought BTS's latest album from Mwave's MEET&GREET and was lucky to get
it signed by all 7 members. My purchase only guaranteed 1 autograph from a random member, but man ~ thank you "Mwave Gods" because every time I buy an album from them, I always get my bias or get it signed. Honestly, I was crossing my fingers for a Jungkook photocard. Got Jin instead ~ But that's alright! Because Jin's so beautiful! He might not be my ultimate bias, but he's definitely my bias wrecker. Now without further ado, let's enjoy some myyyuuuuu-sic!

  1. I Need U | BTS
  2. 잡아줘 | BTS
  3. 쩔어 | BTS
  4. 흥탄소년단 | BTS
  5. Converse High | BTS
  6. Outro: Love is Not Over | BTS
  7. Shining Diamond | Seventeen
  8. Adore U | Seventeen
  9. 20 | Seventeen
  10. 괜찮아요 | BTOB
  11. For You | BTS
  12. Christmas Day | Jungkook & Jimin of BTS
  13. LUV Again | UNIQ
  14. 新的心跳 | GEM

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