What can I say? I'm a girl that loves cute things. That's why little boutiques and Daisos are so perfect for me. Don't think I'll ever be able to leave any one of those stores without paying the cash register a visit. I'm very sorry my dear Mr. Wallet.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd seen these two items before. [My Instagram is @its.koonnie so follow me if you wish :D I mentioned that I changed accounts several posts ago. Read more about it here.] The first one is a dainty little wooden box. Upon putting this in my basket,
I intended to use it to hold either some makeup products or some accessories. But eventually ended up storing my eyedrops in there. I wear contacts so eyedrops are definitely a must to keeps my eyes nice and moisturized. Lately, I've been really into "simpleness" and wood accents really stand out to me - making it one of the reasons why I actually got this box. The metal clasp though... ah, it just adds the perfect finishing touch1

Mom actually brought this home after her little shopping trip without me. Just kidding, mom was running some errands, came across this milk jug, thought of me, and brought it home. Love my mommy!! Despite being called a milk jug, I usually just drink water out of it. Mom says that I should use it to drink tea or coffee considering that there's a cute little spoon that comes with it. Yeah, I guess... maybe I'll use it for honey water and lemon water instead. Don't really add anything to my tea and don't drink coffee that often ~ OK, that's set. I like my milk jug.

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