June Sketchbooks

一 | Allegeric Reaction. I slightly mentioned it previously that I sprang my ankle sometime last month. But because it wasn't showing any signs of improvement, I went to an acupuncturist for some help. My ankle no longer hurts (yay!) but the medicine she gave me caused the skin around my ankle to burst up in an allergic reaction war. I'm not going to get into the details of the bilsters and crusts...just know it's bad. Nowadays, I just find myself limping around to get to places. Life isn't easy.

二 | Back to the Library. Most people don't know this, but I've previously volunteered at my local library in the tech department. It had loads of fun there so this summer, I decided to return and enjoy my summer there. Just did the same old: repair books, process new books and CDs, magazines, government docs...

三 | First ER Experience. Okay, don't freak out... yet. I wasn't on the verge of dying. Well my foot just seemed to be. I mentioned in 1 that I had an allergic reaction and that's exactly why I went in. Been to the doctor's 2 times, coming out with 2 different sets of ointments and medications. Nothing helped my foot at all. And so I got some "more professional" help. Good thing, my foot seems to be getting better now.

四 | Moved Instagram Accounts. I've been using my original "theconbonz" account for quite a while now. But I think it's time to move on and create one that has a much more aesthetically pleasing feed. All's good all's good. \(> u <)/ If you want, you can always find me @its.koonnie

五 | On Pointe. Now that it's officially summer, I need to return to summer school again.  Only this time, it's dance camp. Yup, I'll only be at the studio from 10 to 5 dancing until my toes hurt and blister. Haha, I sound a bit bitter. But on the brighter side, I've lost quite some weight through this, and the camp has only begun. I see - no feel - those abs peeping through already. Oh hello my little ab-lings!

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