Pudding's Picture 2

This Pupdate is long overdue ~ I believe it was 3 months ago in May when I updated you guys with Pudding. Miss her?? No worries, let me catch you up :)
  1. She got another haircut! Nice and short so that she doesn't suffocate in her own sweat during the summer... Besides, I personally think she looks much cuter without all that fluff dragging her down.
  2. Over a year has passed since we brought her home, and she's really grown up a lot. Nowadays, we can let her roam around the house with a bit more confidence. Only problem is we still have to close all the doors to the restrooms... Yes, she finds it rather amusing to play with used toilet paper.
  3. Despite being a rather active dog, Pudding doesn't really like eating much. And I can't seem to figure out why as she's as healthy as can be.
  4. By now I'd say she's potty trained 90%. Sometimes she'll leak a bit here or there, but in general she knows where to go when she needs to do her business. Just recently we discovered that she has learned to call us whenever she's in her play pen and needs to go; I'm so proud of my Pudding.
  5. Pudding really enjoys doing anything out of the play pen - walks, showers, you name it. I could be showering, and she'll just hop on in and get herself all wet. 
Pudding has really opened up to us, especially during these last six months. She's such a sweet little girl, and I'm really not too sure what to do when I have to set off to college next year. Ahh~ I'll miss her so so so so so much!!

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