Breakfast buffet in the morning :)

Started the ride out of Taipei in the morning after breakfast. Some street scenery.

I've realized that Taiwan in full of greenery. That's something I don't often see back home.

We stopped by a gift shop and bought a cute keychain. The Chinese character is actually my name!

Gettin' ready to try some delicious Taiwanese snacks.

This restaurant not only serves very unique foods, but it also has a lot of beautiful and picture-worthy decorations and art pieces.

Off on our mini cruise around Sun Moon Lake.

The little island in the middle of the lakes

Mochi mochi!

I discovered this car with amazing anime stickers on them. Just wow!

At one of the temples at Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake view from the temple

We officially began our long hike to the pagoda here. Man, it was such an exercise trying to pull myself up the hundreds of stairs. But the end result made the whole hike entirely worth it.

Yup, I made it!

Climbed all the way to the top tower with my daddy noticed the view. It's just so breathtaking up there.

Now we got to walk all the way back down...

It's said that this lion here, is the largest one in Taiwan. What do you say?

Just look at the detail!

Further inside the temple.

Arrived at our hotel, the Fleur de Chine. Really can't say much about this hotel. Just one word: Gorgeous.

The view from our room

Cute wood blocks! Love how it encourages to "save the earth and protect the environment."

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