Well, today we set off towards 台東 (Taidong) And on the way, we took quite a few stops to take a good look at the scenery around us.

Then.... It rained. Again. I really hope this weather we disappear in time for my birthday. Anyways, we then proceeded to Taroko National Park for the first part of our trail. Here's some snaps of the nature around us. 

Pebble Beach!! 

Went on the train, and enjoyed a nice dinner. Look at that meat! Seems like it's so excited to see me it's starting to crawl out. 

A nice guy came in and entertained us for a while with some balloons! He was so awesome!

My balloons - he made me a rose and a fish! So cute. I really wished I had brought it home with me, but because I had to go on the plane I had to leave it at the hotel... *sob sob*

By the way, dinner was the BOMB! I could safely say that it was definitely the best so far. Let's see if anything else can beat it. 

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