Festive parties, aching neck, sore feet, and deeper eyebags are taking over my life.

1 // Arrived on campus 2 weeks ago Saturday. It was a chilly 9 am morning, yet there I was unpacking all my stuff and giving birth to sweat stains. Life without AC in the dorms is just too wonderful to possibly express.

2 // Participated in my first ever music festival. My thoughts? Meh. I enjoy listening to music with avid fans, but there were so many people bunched up and sweating... not really my kind of fun. But the music was definitely not bad and there were lots of dancers jiggling their bodies to the beat. Loved their moves~

3 // The large spaces outside the library were crowded with clubs trying to lure in more members. On my way to class, I've been stopped one too many time with people trying to hand me their flyers. If only you could come and see for yourself the craze... But I'm probably going to join 4 clubs. Sounds like a lot, but I think freshman year is the year to try stuff out. That way I can pick the ones that I truly love and enjoy.

4 // For about 3 days, I was rather diligent about going to the gym. Now... these essays are really making me sit in a chair for way too long. Once Fall quarters starts rolling along, I'll probably be able to figure out a schedule.

5 // I love my dorm. I know a lot of people that complain about their rooms, but I can't find anything I don't like. It feels really cozy, there's plenty of space, my roommates are awesome, and most importantly the bed is so comfortable. It might also be because I'm so tired nowadays, but I fall asleep in a matter of minutes in the bed.

6 // Had my first ever sponsored post with TOBI published this week. I'm still feeling the water when it comes to sponsored content, so I can't say for sure whether or not I enjoy them. But photographing stuff I like and enjoy and then sharing them is so much fun. So I think I'll just keep it at that.

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