It's no secret now that I'm a K-pop fan. I love the music and I'm not afraid to admit it :) There was a time, though, when I was in love with Hilary Duff, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and all... but I'd have to say those times have passed. The music that seems to be more popular now is a bit too mature for me. Especially their music videos. I don't know; just not my cup of tea.

I still remember in 8th grade during math class, a girl seated in front of me adamantly stated, "I've lost all faith in English music." Want to know what she was wearing? Ah, just a SHINee sweater. (Haha.. get it? SHINee sweater, shiny sweater...Ah?? No? Ok.) I guess it would definitely have to be her that got me thinking whether I myself was truly enjoying the music I heard on the radio. And the answer was clear - I wasn't. From there, I ventured into iTunes, searched up Beast, as they were the only K-pop band I knew aside from Super Junior.

I just kept on clicking through discovering more and more bands and groups until I finally fell upon this one band that I immediately fell in love with. Who are they you may ask. Yes, B1A4. Everything after that just fell into place. I discovered another lovely band, VIXX, along with many other ones like BTS, Infinite, Shinhwa, G.O.D, Ukiss, f(x), SISTAR, Apink... those are just some from the top of my head but as you can see I picked up pretty darn fast.

By freshman year in high school, I was practically addicted. When I decided to "convert" I didn't realize how different the music really is from what I grew up listening to on Radio Disney. Convert and it's like you've entered Hogsmeade station on your way to Hogwarts. No kidding. What the industry perceives as manly or beautiful is completely different from Western standards. There are so many factors that add up to creating a new group or band. It's not just singing talent. There's dance, variety, singing, MC-ing, songwriting... And the workload those artists have to go through? Just lots of respect for them.

It all really boils down to this. I love the music, despite not knowing what the song means half the time. But I don't mind really. Then the MVs... a whole K-drama in 3 minutes if you ask me. Same plot every time, but the boys? Oh, I like very very much!

And a final word, K-pop has exposed me to a whole different group of people online like Eatyourkimchi, migooksaram, and meejmuse. I've realized that it's gone to the point where I literally search up "Korean beauty bloggers" on Google instead of the generic "beauty bloggers." Yes really weird... To be really honest, I don't know how long this addiction of mine will last. Is it really a one way ticket to awesomeness or is it just another phase in my life? I don't know... Nonetheless, I'm happy being in all the fandoms I am currently in right now. No shame. Just pride.

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