8am ~ Woke up with a lion of a hair and a kind of neat bed

9am ~ Trying to be cute. No, just getting ready to go to tutoring class.

10am ~ Came back from tutoring and trying to finish the rest of my homework. Of course, I need my tea to help me blast through

11am ~ Having some fun time with my dear Pudding. Ahh... she's almost 1 year old already. Can't wait to celebrate her 1st birthday with her!

12pm ~ Putting on some makeup for the dress rehearsal in a couple of hours. Ready to go out the door... It's going to be quite a long drive.

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1pm ~ At the studio waiting for everyone else to come

2pm ~ Arrived at the recording studio and realized they had already started the rehearsals

3pm ~ It's been an hour already, but we're still waiting for them to call us on stage to rehearse

4pm ~ After two hours, we were finally able to go up. Those hats? Yup, our gorgeous props. So fancy!

5pm ~ Still dancing with my pointe shoes on. After having them on for hours, my feet are seriously hurting. But hey, that's cool :)

6pm ~ We finally got on stage and ran our dance. Now I'm just waiting for my next dance.

7pm ~ After rehearsal, my mom and I stopped by the mall to pick up some stuff. Lunar New Year is coming up! The red and the yellow completely matches our costume.

8pm ~ Back at Tai Kadai to eat you dinner. The food here is just amazing... especially their Mee Goreng. Remember my first time there?

I got too tired when I got back home, so I didn't manage to take any more pictures. All I really did was brush my teeth and go to bed. By then it was like 10 or 11. Nothing special really, just a typical night routine.

I hoped this was an enjoyable post. As this is a personal lifestyle blog, I thought it would be interesting to make an hour-by-hour post. Have yourself a good rest of the day!

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