As promised, today I'm going to share my favorite evening products during this winter season. This is actually the second part of the Winter Pouch series, so if you haven't already please take a look at my Winter Pouch: Day Edition. OK, let's get straight into it!

I think it's pretty obvious by now, but I just love anything green tea. Green tea kitkats, green tea lotion, green tea candy, green tea latte, green tea cake... yes anything green tea will do. And when I discovered that Innisfree (aka one of my favorite skincare/beauty brands) was promoting their green tea skincare line, I had to get my hands on it. And like always, Innisfree never fails to disappoint me.

After using these 4 products for about 3-5 days, I've noticed a drastic change in my skin condition. Since I used to have quite a lot of acne, I'm still dealing with some acne scars. In addition to that, my skin was quite dry and dull. However after a few uses, my skin just began to glow from the inside. The moisture was restored and the scars had begun to fade. Thanks to them, I'm getting closer and closer to getting clearer skin.

This is actually The Body Shop's famous Hemp Hand Cream. I have to apologize for the poor presentation of the product, but you can seriously tell how much I love it because it's on the verge of running out. With this product, there's definitely a pro and con. Pros first, it's extremely moisturizing and perfect for transforming rough, sandpaper hands into soft, beautiful hands. Probably one of the best formulas out there. Now as for the cons, 1) it has a really weird herbal aroma and 2) the cream is quite thick. For me, as long as it does its job, the 2 cons don't really bother me. But of course, this will vary from person to person. The best thing to do would probably be to try the hand cream out at the store before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

Now the oh-so-popular jelly mask! Like I've said in my previous post, I've looked everywhere for it during my vacation to HK last summer. Fortunately, I discovered this treasure at a little beauty shop here in LA. This mask always leaves my skin feeling plump. extremely bright, and so soft. Annie's Way does have other types of jelly masks that specifically moisturize you skin, but I chose this one instead as it claims to not only brighten my skin but to also moisturize as well as to minimize fine lines. Just an awesome beauty find.

Yes, another moisturizing mask. As this is an overnight mask, it's meant to be left on the skin and be soaked up. When my skin really needs an extra pick me up, I'll use this at night before going to bed. Generally, I like to use it once a week. The next morning after I use it, I notice that my skin is noticeably brighter and plumper. 

And finally, how can my night pouch be complete without a nice product to keep my lips moisturized? This tub of lip butter really lasted my a long time. It's been about a year since I purchased it and I'm barely 3/4 the way through. Since my lips get chapped easily, I help prevent that by putting on a thick layer of the lip butter before bedtime. Nowadays, I hardly ever get chapped lips anymore. 

This is the second and last part to the Winter Pouch posts. As the winter weather can get quite harsh and drying on the skin, proper moisturizing is essential to looking stunning. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite evening skincare products. Don't forget to read the Day Edition

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