So January is officially over tomorrow!! Man does time pass by fast. It was only yesterday when I was talking to a friend thinking it's still December 2014... Yes, I'm a bit slow with adjusting during the first month. Nonetheless, it was definitely a very enjoyable and fun month to kick off 2015.

1) Remember my resolution to get abs this year? I think I'm well on my way towards that goal. Lately I've been running for 30-45 minutes every day after school and have been seeing results. At least with the extra fat I have around my waist.

2) I typically like to wear a bit of lip tint or moisturizing lipstick to school just to give myself a pop of color. Earlier this month, a friend of mine complimenting my lip color. (I was wearing this one from Innisfree). Seriously, it just feels so good when someone says you lips look awesome. I'd call it a success.

3) Mommy finally made some homemade soup again after a long time of drinking soup to-go from the local Chinese restaurants. I don't know why but Mommy's soups taste the best!

4) Socal has been in a drought for quite a while now, and it's just really nice to have some rain. I used to really hate the rain because it just always gets in the way of things. Just makes my life that much more inconvenient. But lately, I'm really appreciating it. Didn't notice before how calming and beautiful rain really is.

5) We got a new car!! I'll be getting my license soon, so we went out and did a little car shopping. My dream car would have to be a Mini Cooper, but since it's really for my dad to drive we opted for a Hyundai Sonata. Oh, it's just so pretty.

6) About 2 weeks ago, several friends and I went out for a little movie date to watch Luhan's Back to 20s. It's actually a remake of the Korean movie Miss Granny (which my baby Jinyoung starred in), except with more of a Chinese culture infused into it. Haven't been to the movies in a while so it feels great to go again.

7) While doing some "window shopping" last week, I discovered the Annie's Way gel mask. When we went to HK this past summer, I looked everywhere for it but all my efforts were in vain... I've finally found it. Here in LA. It seriously works wonders on my skin. My skin just looks *bwing bwing* every time I use the mask.

I'm totally looking forward to another happy happy month. Go go February!

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