What's up 2015? While 2014 may be a beautiful year, I'm looking forward to an even more gorgeous 2015. There are lots of things I want to do - be it for my blog or personally. This year I'll be turning 17 *gasp* I'm getting so old mature already. A lot will happen this year; I'll become a senior, I'll be doing my college apps, I'll be meeting so many new people. I really don't know what to expect...

Frankly, it may be the 1st of January but it still feels like 2014. Just watch me, I'm going to go back to school and end up writing 2014 instead of 2015 as I write the date. Don't lie. You've done it before, too. Yes, this year might be unpredictable; however, these are some things I expect to see happen this year.

Finish off with squeak clean grades. One semester of my junior year has passed. I'm a quarter way done. 3 more semesters and I might just get accepted into my dream school. Back in 2014, I've slacked off way too much. I seriously cannot allow myself to do that anymore. People say stuff like "New year, new me." I disagree. To me it should be "New year, better me."

Getting back on the treadmill. Which girl doesn't want a great body? I've always wanted abs, and this is the year. I can already see myself staring at my future abs... They look lovely.

Continue to build my blog. 2014 was the birth year for theconbonz. The first 6 months has been pretty rocky. I've gone through loads of planning, revising, and adjusting, but I don't have a really clear path as to where I'm heading with my blog. I've read from other successful bloggers that it took them a couple of years before they finally found their voice and niche. I don't like not having a clear plan, but I shall work hard to discover more about myself and my blog.

Learn to play the guitar. My childhood dream was once to become a famous singer, but seriously I doubt that would even happen. But after I finished my piano exams, I've finally found the happiness and enjoyment people always say there is in music. Besides, nothing looks cooler than playing the guitar and singing at the same time.

Continue to learn Korean. I know, I know. What's the point in learning Korean anyway? Will I ever use it? Will it ever come in handy? To tell the truth, I don't know. But I want to learn the language. For some reason, I always have this feeling of satisfaction whenever I learn anything new in Korean, even if it's just a simple phrase. It's just... I have a weird feeling of connection and curiosity. I want to learn more about their language and culture. To me it's quite interesting. (Probably that's why I also enjoyed learning Chinese... it's the connection and curiosity.)

Go go! Let's create rainbows and butterflies and show what we've got this 2015.

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