As this was the first year Pudding is celebrating Christmas & New Year's with us, we really didn't know how to throw her a mini party. So we drove downtown and picked up a huge chunk of doggie brownie with caramel drizzle.

I'll be honest. I took a couple sniff of that doggie pastry, but it didn't smell like a brownie to me... More like nothing at all... cardboard? But Pudding seemed to really like it. She's a really smart puppy. I would hide a little snack, as in this case the brownie, and she'd immediately sit. This girl already knows that's what she has to do to get that treat.

It's already been six months since I brought her home. She's grown so much. And lost so many teeth... Haha, but I'm happy to be able to witness her journey as she grows from a pup to a womanly baby of mine.

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