Tai-Kadai... To be honest, I don't know how long I've waited to come here. My family and I drive past this place countless times, but we never really thought of eating here. But let me tell you - it was the best decision ever, to eat here that is.

Upon coming in, we were kindly greeted by a waitress... What really put a smile on my face was her attitude. She just kept smiling! Whenever we met eye, she would actually say "Hi!" Like every time. She's so cute and loveable!

Appetizers! :) They were free, too... All of them were really nice to snack on while waiting for our dishes... though they were kindda greasy, especially the sausages.

So there's rolls and caramel ice cream for dessert... which do you think I chose?t

Description from their website:

egg noodle, sliced chicken, shrimp, shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, soy sauce, minced garlic, dried chili, shallot oil, scallion

Description form their website:

wide rice noodles, rib eye, golden onions, sliced tomato, crisp lettuce, julienne cucumber, mashed garlic, crushed peanuts

Sounds good to end with 2 big chuncks of ice cream, huh? Yup! But do you know what's even better? It's not 2 regular chunks of ice cream.... it's green tea ice cream and taro ice cream with gooey sweet caramel to enhance the heavenly flavor of the ice cream... How that? Hungry yet? I know I am :)

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