Yes! That's right! Market raid!

Who'd ever thought that markets also carry the CUTEST (kindda for the most part at least) stuffed animals? Ooooh! I wan't them all!!

Seriously... I didn't really realize it but why don't we ever have these kind of snacks here in LA? 
Steak flavored chips? Come on!

5 different kind of Pocky? Not just strawberry and chocolate?

BBQ Pringles? Seaweed Pringles?

Now, Oreos too? I love the oreos we have here, but I'd really like to see some of these exotic flavors more often... :P

Did you know there are Oreo Wafers? Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry Oreo Wafers? Never  knew... 

Does anyone recognize her? She's from 步步驚情 and 步步驚心? Ring a bell? 

Sausages.... The longer you look at them the more wrong it looks... 

Didn't get much of a chance to take pictures of the competition venue. But I can tell you this: the smoke in there (from all the cigarettes) clogs up the whole lobby. I'm serious. You can literally see the smoke... it's like walking through the lobby in fog, but chocking and coughing your lungs out while you're at it... Horrible just horrible

Our flight back home was delayed so we had to stay in HK for the night... I was actually quite pleasantly surprised to see how high quality the hotel was considering the airport book it. Impressed

Girls, imaging walking down that staircase with a long, flowing dress... Wow... bet all the eyes will be on you!

Where we stayed for the night... Even received complimentary breakfast :)

Selfie after the competion :) Still keep that smiling on our faces.

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